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At Penrith Mitsubishi we invest in a team of exceptional financial advisors who are fully trained to match the right finance package to the right customer.

It can be daunting looking at all the finance deals on offer, low interest, long term, short term, buy back and deferred payment options. We understand that some payment plans and deals from other dealerships may look a little too good to be true. Leave the research headaches to our friendly, professional finance team who will look carefully at your financial circumstances and match you with car finance or a car loan, which fits your budget comfortably. We also explain in plain English, without using jargon, so you know exactly what you are signing.

As one of the largest new and used car dealerships in Sydney and nearby areas, our financial advisors can access some great deals, specials and low interest finance options. We can also put together servicing packages and insurance cover, all under one roof, taking the hassle out of car paperwork and payments.


Our success is underpinned by our returning customer base and customers who can settle and pay their finance on time. So, it makes sense to us to work with you in partnership, so you are happy and return again and again to Penrith Mitsubishi.

The Penrith Mitsubishi’s finance team will assess your financial situation, personal circumstances as well as any business and tax positions, which can all have a sizeable impact on selecting the perfect finance from the many types available to us. The team can also access very competitive insurance quotes, so you can drive right off the forecourt and know you are covered.

Whether it’s a car for personal or business use, Penrith Mitsubishi's finance team is focused on working with you, so you get the best car for you!

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