Mitsubishi compact SUV ASX Review

asx-2015-5-door-wagon-2wd-xls-2wdIn the SUV market, it can be hard to stand out. On first look, the large range of sports utility vehicles available on the market can make it hard to choose one which suits your needs. However, it is easier than you think. You only need three letters: A.S.X.

Mitsubishi’s mid-range SUV is able to cover a lot of bases, and no matter who you are you will find that it suits you. Small enough to manoeuvre in a busy carpark, you will find the ASX to have a spacious enough interior to swallow up almost anything you need to move. Today’s review car is the XLS model, the top of the range 2WD in the lineup, fitted with all the goodies you could think of.

First thing you will notice on seeing the ASX is it’s compact size. Working against the stigma of  the oversized SUV vehicles on the market today, you can appreciate the ASX is not going to require assistance in backing into a car space. It’s a different case though, once you open it up for further inspection. Starting at the back, the 393 litre cargo area is adequate for baby objects, adult objects, any objects you could carry in an SUV. Moving forward, the spacious cabin allows for a small family to fit easily. I found my 6 foot plus frame easily fit into the drivers seat, and I didn’t even need to move the seat all the way back. Not bad for a compact SUV.

Fitted with an economical, yet sporty two litre engine, the ASX can move if need be. With the option of a traditional manual or CVT transmission, the review car today is fitted up the CVT option that incorporates ‘paddle shift’ technology. This means a more sporting feel to the driving experience, with faster gearchanges when more spirited driving is called for. With steering wheel mounted controls, the six speaker system and 7” touch-screen display can be controlled while keeping your hands on the wheel.

When it comes to safety, there are a range of benefits found across the ASX range. Active stability control maintains control on oversteer or understeer, the active traction control system ensures that a break in traction won’t end badly. As well as these two, the ABS system and electronic brake distribution system work to ensure you can pull up safely in a hurry. Finally, the manual models are fitted with hill start assist, which locks the drivetrain so you can release the clutch on a hill without fear of rolling back or stalling.

From the spacious cargo area, to the panoramic sunroof with mood lighting effect, the ASX has something for everyone. In a swollen market of SUV vehicles of all sizes and flavours, it’s takes something special to stand out, and the Mitsubishi ASX has that something.

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